Check Out the World of Coca-Cola

Atlanta is hot in June, but don’t let the heat keep you indoors. Cool down with a sampling of icy cold Coca-Cola products at their museum and interactive experience center on Baker Street. This museum functions more like a Coca-Cola-themed campus dedicated to showcasing “the world’s most famous and most loved beverage brand” than a traditional museum.

Enjoy a tour through myth and fact of the history, creation, and distribution of the world’s first soft drink. Learn how one pharmacist launched a global empire. Get behind the scenes of the bottling process. Sample hundreds of Coke flavors, view artifacts from a bygone era, and learn the real story of Coke’s secret formula from inside the famous Coca-Cola Vault. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, you’ll even get to have a photo-op with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear! Finally, stop by the Pop Culture Gallery and learn how the fans of the brand made Coca-Cola the powerhouse name that it is today.

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